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Souhair Alqaisi
Main anchor
UN food programe celebrity partner
سهير القيسي
مذيعة رئيسية
شريك شهير للامم المتحده برنامج الاغذيه العالمي
Biography :-
Senior Anchor, TV presenter, Goodwill Ambassador, Humanitarian, UN Celebrity Partner , TedX speaker, one of 100 most influential arabs according to arabian business and a beautiful woman
One of the most established Iraqi Journalists and TV presenters in the Middle East region, Souhair now  is the main anchor in Rotana group , she was a senior news anchor and TV presenter with the pan-Arab pioneer broadcasting group in the region, MBC group.
She was one of the youngest TV presenters to start with Al Arabiya TV in 2004.
 Gaining much popularity, she was chosen by Fox in 2008 to be  of the most known 10 Iraqi personalities. In 2010 the New York Times praised her debate show (Parlimant race) which was the first election’s debate show of its kind in Arab & Iraqi media ,
after her oustanding humanitarian efforts to help the victims of isis in iraq , Souhair was chosen in 2017 by arabian business megazine as one of the most influential arabs in the world
Visiting the riskiest places in Iraq to inspect the situation of people living in harsh conditions, Souhair is a believer in helping provide basics to these war affected women and kids. One of the first UN celebrity partners to visit the right West Mosul Where ISIS was attacked in 2017 , the inspection she conducted brought forth the reality and sufferment of the displaced people thorough her social media channels
Also , she hosted sheikh zayed prestigious book award in Abu Dhabi, she has been one of the main speakers at Tedx (Nishtiman), engaging people and motivating them through her visions.
Souhair continues with passion to spread the message of positive self and spread the message of love and peace to innocent kids and women.
**Humanitarian passion:
Souhair also runs the responsibilities of the celebrity partner the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Iraq. Supporting strongly the WFP’s work and mission, Souhair is dedicated in helping provide food assistance to affected families where the violence in Iraq has left over 3.2 million people displaced and in need of assistance. Spending her personal time and resources in helping and serving others, her passion for reaching out to people and helping the needy is quite evident in her efforts that started showing long before she joined the WFP,
Souhair commits to serving others and helping make the world a better place. In 2014, Souhair made a visit to the helpless people in Khanagin, a few kilometres away from the ISIS, to help raise awareness of the suffering of these people who are troubled and hurt due to violence and war, she visited the camps in duhok of ezydi families who suffered the kidnapping of their girls by isis, and she recently went to the west side of mosul April 2017 to shed a light on the most dangerous trip idps ( displaced people) take to save their lives .
Social media :
Souhair still continues today, with all her talent and passion for people. With a following of almost 5 million followers in her socialmedia platform , Souhair’s followers are from around the Arab World. Fans admire her sense of care and consideration and all she has done for many causes. A feminine looking role model, many young girls aspire to follow her footsteps. Souhair has won the hearts of these people, still continuing to impress many with her aura and energy.

Twitter: @Souhair_alqaisi
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